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Mattress shopping can be a pain, especially when it feels like there’s an endless amount to choose from. Can’t decide whether a memory foam or innerspring model is the mattress of your dreams? You don’t have to!

The best hybrid mattress delivers the best of both worlds (cue the Hannah Montana soundtrack) by pairing a memory foam top with an innerspring bottom. This one-two punch provides extra support and comfort to give you a great night’s sleep, and we’ve rounded up some of our top choices for you.

Keep on readin’ to find our picks for nine of the best hybrid mattresses money can buy.

The 9 best hybrid mattresses

What the heck is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress is essentially the Frankenstein of the mattress world. A mash-up of the traditional spring coil mattress and a foam mattress, hybrids combine structural support with contouring comfort to give you a terrific night’s sleep.

Hybrids are known for their effectiveness in easing pressure points, providing responsive support, and helping regulate your body temperature throughout the night, making them a great option for basically anyone.

There are a variety of hybrids on the market. Each is targeted to different sleep needs, so you’re sure to find your perfect match(ress)!

To bring you this list, we focused on reputable and transparent brands that meet quality health and safety standards. We also looked closely at other factors like:

  • Price. Hybrids are often more expensive than other mattress types, thanks to their dual foam/innerspring construction. Because everyone’s budget is different, we made sure to include a mix of affordable (but still high quality) picks as well as some splurges.
  • Positive consumer reviews. Looking through reviews can often give a better picture on how great a mattress may (or may not) be. We went beyond manufacturer claims and took a look at what actual users have to say.
  • Manufacturer warranty. All of our choices offer at least a 10-year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing your mattress is covered for many sleeps to come.
  • Trial period. We sought companies that let you try the mattress risk-free for at least 30 nights (with most of our choices offering 100+ night trials!), so you’re not stuck with a mattress that doesn’t give you the sleep of your dreams.

Pricing guide

Every mattress below is marked with one of the following to indicate price, based on a queen mattress:

  • $ = under $700
  • $$ = $700–$1,400
  • $$$ = over $1,400

Best hybrid mattress for couples

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid

  • Price: $$
  • Firmness: soft, medium, and firm
  • Thickness: 11.5 inches

Do you prefer to sleep on a plusher mattress, but your partner likes theirs firmer? The Brooklyn Signature can help you find that happy medium between contour and support.

This hybrid features two layers of foam designed to contour your body without making you feel like you’re sinking in quicksand. It’s also supposed to reduce motion transfer so that your slumber won’t be disturbed if your bedfellow starts tossing and turning. Plus, the quilted top is designed to keep you cool throughout the night.

However, some reviewers didn’t care much for its lack of edge support. Bad edge support means you might feel like you’ll roll off the bed if you get too close to the edge.

Best hybrid mattress for side sleepers

Helix Sunset

  • Price: $$
  • Firmness: soft
  • Thickness: 12 inches, 14 inches

If you’re a side sleeper looking for the right balance of soft and supportive, look no further than the Helix Sunset hybrid mattress. Boasting cloudlike plushness, the Helix Sunset has specially designed cushions to provide primo pressure relief — an absolute must for side sleepers, who put lots of extra pressure on their hips and shoulders.

It’s also made with breathable materials to help keep you cool all night long. Reviewers love the support the Helix Sunset provides and rave about how it has improved their quality of sleep.

Best hybrid mattress for back sleepers

Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

  • Price: $$$
  • Firmness: medium firm
  • Thickness: 14 inches

In general, hybrid mattresses are where it’s at for back sleepers because of how supportive they are. The spring coils help support your body and keep your spine in alignment. Back sleepers also usually love medium-firm mattresses for the same reason — they keep you from sinking in but still have a soft feel to cushion your body.

The Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid matches that description exactly. It offers support with its individually wrapped coils — which aren’t all interconnected, so support is a lot more targeted to heavier areas of your body. It also has a quilted cashmere cover for ~luxurious~ comfort.

Most reviewers gave this mattress rave reviews, although many agree that it’s extra heavy to move around, so be sure to have a buddy or two to help you!

Best hybrid mattress for stomach sleepers

Sealy Hybrid Essentials Trust II

  • Price: $$
  • Firmness: firm
  • Thickness: 12 inches

If you’re a stomach sleeper, finding a bed that’s firm enough to keep your spine aligned is a must. Without the right support, you could wake up with aches and pains — and nobody loves that.

This hybrid from well-known brand Sealy is considered a true firm mattress, so it’s perfect for stomach sleepers. It’s also a good pick if you prefer to feel like you’re sleeping on your mattress rather than in it.

The mattress’s foam layers are also made using gel memory foam, which is known for sleeping a lot cooler than traditional memory foam. It also has a knit cover that draws moisture from your body to keep you cool and comfy all night long.

Best cooling hybrid mattress

Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid

  • Price: $$
  • Firmness: soft, medium, and firm
  • Thickness: 13.5 inches

Tired of waking up drenched from your own body heat? 🥵 Topped with a special foam made with copper, the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid is specifically designed so you can get sweet (read: not sweaty) Zzz’s. The surface of the mattress is also made with phase-changing materials, which basically means it adapts to your body temp to help keep you from getting too hot.

Reviewers adore the cooling technology, sharing that it helps them keep their cool throughout the night. They’re also fans of the variety of firmness options available, so they can customize the mattress to their needs.

Best flippable mattress

Layla Hybrid

  • Price: $$$
  • Firmness: medium soft or firm (depending on which side you use)
  • Thickness: 11.5 inches

Looking for a little variety in your mattress? The Layla Hybrid’s got your back! Unlike most hybrids, the Layla is flippable, with two different firmness levels: a plush, medium-soft side or a more supportive firm side.

This flippable wonder also features copper-infused memory foam that is designed to pull heat away from your body while also providing antimicrobial properties to help you stay cool and fresh all night long. Its individually wrapped coils not only provide support and pressure relief, but these independent springs make this mattress an ideal choice with an adjustable bed frame.

Reviewers find that this hybrid provides support without sacrificing comfort, and many have shared that it’s great for keeping hot sleepers cool. Some users do find that it’s a bit heavy, which can make flipping the mattress somewhat difficult without the help of an extra set of hands.

Best budget hybrid mattress

Allswell Hybrid Mattress

  • Price: $
  • Firmness: medium firm
  • Thickness: 10 inches

Offering high quality at a low price, the Allswell is one of the most affordable hybrid mattresses available. Allswell mattresses are cheap AF but still made using quality materials and construction, including individually wrapped spring coils and fancy charcoal- and copper-infused gel foam.

Users are fans of this bed-in-a-box’s easy setup (the box comes with wheels for maneuvering ease!) and medium-firm support. Some reviewers, however, say that their Allswell mattress lost shape over time or became too soft for their liking, but many have been willing to overlook this because of its wallet-friendly price.

Best hybrid mattress for back pain

Saatva Classic Mattress

  • Price: $$$
  • Firmness: medium firm
  • Thickness: 11.5 inches, 14.5 inches

What makes the Saatva Classic unique on this list is that it has two separate layers of coils for extra support. It also has a layer of high density foam that runs through the middle to help relieve pressure on your lower back. To top it off, it has a Euro pillow top, which is a lot like a regular pillow top except it’s sewn to be flush with the edges of the mattress. Euro pillow tops also usually have a denser feel than traditional pillow tops.

Reviewers say switching to the Saatva Classic has put their back pain to bed. They love the quality and say it hits the sweet spot between comfort and support.

Another bonus? Saatva has free in-room delivery and setup. So if your back is killing you, you won’t have to lift a finger getting this thing into your bedroom.

Best organic hybrid mattress

Avocado Green Mattress

  • Price: $$$
  • Firmness: medium firm
  • Thickness: 11 inches

The Avocado Green hybrid is made of organic certified cotton, wool, and two layers of organic certified rubber latex foam. It’s also Greenguard Gold certified, which means it produces low chemical emissions (yas, easy breathing!).

Avocado uses needle-tufting to construct their mattresses. This technique binds the mattress layers by pulling ribbons through the full mattress, creating a super strong and durable mattress that’ll last for years to come. Avocado has a 25-year limited warranty on this mattress — so they’re obvi pretty confident it’ll stand the test of time. And for those looking for a little extra fluff, Avocado also offers a plush pillow top for an additional fee.

Reviewers have great things to say about this hybrid. Many love the clean and quality materials, while others rave about its solid construction and durability.

Is a hybrid mattress right for me?

Simply put: A hybrid may be just the mattress you’re looking for! Because they offer the structure and support of a coiled mattress and the comfort and pressure relief of foam, hybrids are built for all body types. They’re especially supportive for those in larger bodies.

Whether you sleep hot, cold, on your side, or on your stomach, there’s a hybrid to match your body’s nighttime needs. To choose the one that’s right for you, consider the following:


Hybrids often cost more than other mattress types, so it’s important to consider your budget when looking for a hybrid to call your own. There are still some pretty affordable options out there but be prepared for a little upcharge if you opt for the hybrid version of any mattress. Keep in mind that they’re also usually more durable, so even though they cost more, you’re getting a real bang for your buck.


We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping, so it’s important to make sure that time is well spent. Look for the highest quality in your price range so that you can get the most restful and refreshing sleep possible — we promise it’ll be worth it! Here are some indicators of quality to look out for:

Firmness level

This one’s all about preference. Some folks love a softer mattress, while others rest better on something firmer — it’s all about your body’s needs. Studies suggest medium-firm mattresses are comfortable for most people and can help keep your spine aligned and improve sleep quality.

Just remember that the way one company’s medium-firm mattress feels will depend on your body type and weight. People with higher body weights (more than around 230 pounds) will find it softer than people with lower body weights — so it might make sense to opt for a firm mattress to achieve that medium-firm feel.

Pressure relief

If you sleep on your side or experience any kind of hip or shoulder pain, a mattress with pressure relief can help take a load off. A 2017 study found that latex foam provides the best pressure relief, but memory foam is really well known for relieving pressure, too.

Temperature regulation

Whether you run hot, cold, or in between while you sleep should impact your mattress decision-making process. Memory foam is great if you run cold, while gel foam can help cool you off. Some companies also use phase-changing materials or infuse their foams with other special materials (like charcoal or copper) to help prevent overheating.

Regardless, the best way to know how hot or cold a mattress feels is by reading reviews. Only real customers can confirm what a company says about their “ultra-cooling” mattress.

Motion isolation

If you sleep with a partner, you likely know the realities of feeling every one of their movements throughout the night. Because hybrid mattresses have coils, they have a little bounce. If you get woken up easily by your partner’s tossing and turning, look for individually wrapped/pocketed coils. They’re less likely to make the entire bed move with every move.

Edge support

If your partner (or pet, we know they’re bed hogs!) regularly pushes you towards the edge of the bed, having strong edge support is key. Edge support helps the outer edges of your mattress maintain shape and prevents you from feeling like you’ll slide off. Most companies call out what kind of edge support their mattress has, but always look to reviews to see how real customers think the mattress holds up.

Company policies

PSA: Only buy a mattress that has an in-home sleep trial and a good return policy. There’s no way to know for sure how you’ll like a mattress until you have to sleep on it every night, so an in-home trial period gives you the proper chance to test it risk-free.

Also, pay attention to the warranty on the mattress. Most companies have at least a 10-year warranty — anything lower than that is a red flag.

How are hybrid mattresses constructed?

We’re glad you asked! The makeup of a hybrid mattress consists of a spring coil support base with a multi-layered foam topper.

The hybrid’s coil support system is the mattress’s core. It’s generally made up of one of two different coil types:

  • Innerspring coils. The coil of yore, innerspring is becoming a bit dated. These coils are usually hourglass shaped and interconnected, meaning they tend to move as a unit versus providing targeted support.
  • Pocketed coils. This is the more “modern” coil type. They’re often cylindrical and are individually wrapped, to provide targeted support and motion isolation.

A hybrid’s foam comfort layers can be comprised of any kind of foam, including:

  • Memory foam. Soft and body-conforming, memory foam retains your imprint and is slow to return to its natural shape. Hot sleepers aren’t a fan, as memory foam can get pretty warm.
  • Gel memory foam. Basically, memory foam infused with gel designed to trap heat to keep you cooler longer.
  • Latex foam. Often used in organic mattresses, latex options are made of Talalay or Dunlop. Latex is bouncier than memory foam while still providing excellent pressure relief. It’s also breathable and long lasting (and pricey).
  • Proprietary foam. This is any foam mattress that’s unique to the company that makes it, whether that be a special shape or style that only that brand produces. They usually have trademarked names, so always read the reviews and descriptions to get a hint about what it feels like.

What does sleeping on a hybrid mattress feel like?

Many folks find their hybrids heavenly.

Thanks to their dual nature, hybrid mattresses are generally more supportive than their innerspring and foam siblings. Their coiled core gives them more structure and support than a foam mattress, and their foam top layer provides more pressure point relief than an innerspring option.

How much should I expect to spend on a hybrid mattress?

Because they contain the best of both the innerspring and foam worlds, extra materials are needed to construct hybrid mattresses. This makes them a bit pricier than your standard mattress fare.

How durable are hybrid mattresses?

Even though a hybrid mattress is said to last longer than your standard spring or foam options, there are several factors that affect how long it’ll last. This includes:

  • the type of springs or foam used to make the mattress
  • how much use the mattress gets (and whether you’re sleeping on it solo or as a couple)
  • your (and your partner’s) height and weight

For a long lasting mattress, it’s important to do your research and find an option that best meets your specific needs. Peep the reviews to see what others are saying, read the fine print to understand the warranty’s parameters, and get in touch with customer service to ask questions if you can.

What other kinds of mattresses should I consider?

Hybrids are one of three general mattress types. You can also opt for an innerspring or foam mattress to get your sweet Zzz’s.

Innerspring options are your “traditional” mattresses. These are made of interconnected metal coils that often move as a single unit. This makes them not-so-great if you want a mattress that provides targeted support or motion isolation. True innerspring mattresses also don’t have layers of foam for comfort, so they lack that extra cozy feel and pressure relief.

Foam mattresses are a more affordable alternative to hybrids, especially for those looking for pressure relief. They come in a variety of options, depending on the type of foam they’re made of. They tend to sleep hotter than hybrid and innerspring mattresses because it’s harder for air to flow through them, but lots of companies take steps to make sure their foams won’t leave you sweaty.

Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, a hybrid mattress could be the key to comfort and optimal support while you sleep. There are a zillion options to choose from and finding the be st one to meet your unique needs can be daunting — especially if you’re on a budget.

We only recommend high quality mattresses made by companies with good reputations, so use our list as a starting point on your hybrid mattress search. NGL, we’re pretty confident that any of these mattresses will help you get those sweet dreams you’re craving.